Wednesday, July 4, 2007

OJT 2007 writing #1 "Getting to know each other"

Dear OJT students,

As previously mentioned in the class, your writing about yourself and your expectation of OJT program whould be written into a paragraph not more than 70 word.
This will help your comrades and me to know and understand you and your hope.
We will look at your "getting to know each other" and giving feedback on the use of the English Language.

Please make sure that you put your name and rank on the right top corner of your writing or at the beginning of your writing.

Look forward to knowing you all guys.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

DIBI 33/07 CALL#1 "The Use of IT for ELT"

Dear Students,

Having researched "the use of Information Technology for ELT", I would like you to summarize the results into not more than 100 words essay. Make sure that your ideas does not contradict with your units' policy and capacity. It is important to think of the implementation of IT integrally in terms of looking at the parents' unit resources. We have to consider also the optimum use of the already available technology in our unit. As such, each and every idea will not similar, but it will complete one another.

Happy summarizing!

Writing activitity for KIBI Refresher "C " about "The importance of my family"

Dear Students,

Aussie describes the family into three categories; nuclear family, immediate family, and extended family. Nuclear family consists of father, mother, and their children; immediate family includes the close related family members such as grandparents, greatparents, uncle, auntie; extended family may refers to all relatives such as parents in law, and so forth.

On the contrary, Indonesian does not clearly define the status of each and every member of the family; everyone is taking important part in the family. We do care about them! Even, the Muslim beliefs that the other muslims are also their brothers and sisters.

Briefly though, no matter where we are from, the family does matter for each and everyone. Family is very important. We have to make our family happy and live in harmony. Additionally, I think having our family cheerful will benefit our office accordingly.

Now please think and write about the reasons why your family is important for each and everyone of you.

Happy family!


Friday, June 22, 2007

WRITING; "Describe the cultural sites" for KIBI Refresher "A" 01/07

Dear students,
Following the surfing on the site particularly the AUSTFAMIL Discussion Board, I would like you to "follow" one of the most favorite postings that you think easy and bright to guide you to create "another version" of it.
This is not an immitating activities, this is a matter of making ourselves getting used to practising good and well organized essay. As such, will help us improving our "natural" writing styles that mostly sound Indonesian.
Well, that is correct that at the beginning we "follow" but after that we will show the audience that we can create our own natural and automated mode of writing style soon.
Happy experimenting folks!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

WRITING TIPS for KIBI Refresher "A" 01/07

Dear students,
As previously discussed in the class about giving tips to those who need the most would be a great help, I would like you write any particular tips that you think it will be usefull for anyone.

Not only that you can share new ideas, but also practice the use of sequence markers as part of our learning process in the class is much appreciated.

Write your name and rank at the beginning of your tips. After published your tips, I want you to have a look at our colleagues' tips; take one and analyse it to find the strenght and the room for improvement. Do not forget to address to this particular tips and also put your name on it.

When you find that the tips need correction please provide necessary information and submit to the blog again.

Hope that this will motivate you to learn the writing using simple tasks.

Happy "tipping" folks!!


Writing RECIPE KIBI Refresher "B" 01/07

Dear Students,
This Writing Recipe for KIBI Refresher class will enable you to know how to give instruction particularly recipe writing. This simple instruction is pretty much important as my experience proved that to engage the foreigners and to start the conversation using this approach is very efficient. Talking about food is very common and interesting especially when you know how to make them ready to be served.

Syntaxtically, you should be using the sequence markers such as; first, second, third, and, then, after that, next, lastly, finally, and so forth.

Make sure that your recipe is usefull for others.

Thank you

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

B2 Writing Practice#1

B2 students are asked to write a 100-150 word composition following the visit of ADFELPS Writing Models level 5 and 6 in They basically imitating the format, whereas the ideas are genuinely presented by each and every student in the class. The student also expected to give responds to their peer using this blog.
Happy reading mates!